Episode 17: “Bored, James Bored and Try Not to Sell Your Soul to the Devil…”


This week Cheryl and I sit down and discuss the new James Bond movie Skyfall as well as your “writer’s resume” and what to do about giving your money to people who claim they can help you.

Also, we have the return of our ever popular “Fucktard of the Week” segment!  During the show we talk about a full page ad taken out in the Hollywood Reporter.  Click here to view a photo of it.  Wait until you listen to the podcast and THEN come back to it.  It won’t make much sense otherwise.

Have a great long Thanksgiving weekend (we know you’ll be using the time to catch up on our shows) and we’ll be back post food coma with a brand, spanking new show.

Till next week…

p.s. Go Lions!

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Episode 17

Episode 16: “Sittin’ Down with Alejandro Seri!”

This week, we sit down with Alejandro Seri from Final Draft.  Yeah, THAT Final Draft.

For him though, that’s merely the day job.  At night he’s a screenwriting superstar.  He and his writing partners just sold their first script Final Girl and recently (as of last week) signed with a top manager.  Here his story as it’s unfolding!  What he’s going through as well as his advice for how to make the same thing happen to you.

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Now onto the show!!

Till next week…

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Episode 16

Episode 15: “Ducks, Bats and Star Wars…”

Hey Everyone…

Not gonna lie, this week gets super nerdy.  But that’s okay…it’s how we roll…

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Next week, we sit down with good friends (and fans of the show) Alejandro and Johnny…a writing team that are making moves together and separately.   So it’ll be really good to hear what they have to say.   Should you have any questions as to how a writing team works, don’t hesitate to send them to us at breakinginthebiz@gmail.com.

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With that said… let’s get to the show!

Till next week…

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Episode 15

Episode 14: “It’s like putting your script on Craigslist!”

…spoiler alert, putting your script on Craigslist isn’t a good thing.

Hey everyone, Welcome back to another episode of Breakin’ In!

As you can see (and as you’ll soon hear) we’ve changed our whole episode numbering.  Now that we’re out on iTunes, it just makes WAY more sense.  So from here on out we will actually be in order.  Yay us!

Also wanted to throw this out there… as you know I pick music that usually flows with the topic that we’re chatting about that particular week… We started thinking that it might be a really good idea to open it up to YOU, the listeners.  Do you have a wicked awesome band that you want to promote?  Of course it would be subject to our approval, but we’d love to support the little guy, who’s out there trying to break into the music world.  Who knows, right?  That’s what the show is all about, right?

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Anyway… on to the show, till next week…

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Episode 14

Episode 13: “Agents, Managers and Pitchers…Oh My!”

Hey Everyone!

Welcome back!  This week, Cheryl and I chat about everything we’re finding out about landing an agent and a manager in hopes that you guys get a little more info to make better decisions yourself.

We also dive into the events of last week’s pitchfest which, of course, was a giant pain in the ass.  Good stories of what you SHOULDN’T do when talking to executives.

Lastly, we dive into nerdom by chatting about Argo (finally) and Paranormal Activity 4.

Okay, I know…you’re going to kill me for getting repetitive, but I’m really trying to promote the show.  That being said…

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Okay okay, I know…I’ll shut up and let you get to the show.  Here you go:

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Episode 13

Episode 12: “Taken 2: Electric Boogaloo and Video Pitches…”

Hey Everyone!

Another week and another show.  Cheryl and I are back and sounding sexier than ever with our new mic!  Ooohhhh the Blue Yeti…we love you so.

In this week’s show, Cheryl rails on Liam Neeson and then we rail on some video pitches.  Not really rail…more like…softly negotiate the winter of our discontent.

When we get into the video pitch discussion, we chat about Adam’s pitch which you can see here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R5Zs63sgUKY&feature=youtu.be

Don’t watch it now!  What’s the point?  Wait till we get there then pause the show and come back!

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Okay, off to the show!

Episode 11: “California Love, Politics and Notes…oh Glorious Notes!…”

Hey Everyone…

It’s here!  As I stated, we were so disappointed with last week’s show that we went out, bought some new equipment and re-recorded the episode.  I have to say, we’ve never sounded clearer and sexier.

This week, we talk about moving out to California, the return of Fucktard of the week, some political talk and finish up talking about notes and interviewing agents and managers.

Next week, we’ll be back with an all new (sexier sounding) show.  Look for our review of Argo and the excitement over the return of the Walking Dead.

Also, take a look at our poll over to the right and tell us who YOU’D want to use as your secret identity.

Good times to be had!

Now on to the show…Enjoy!

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Episode 11

Episode 11 Coming Soon!

Hey everyone, I know you guys have probably been to the site to see if it’s been posted yet…as you can see, it hasn’t.

Here’s why…

We were so upset with the quality of the recording that we didn’t want to post the show we did.  It’s available on the BOSI newsletter and you can check it out if you want, but I would strongly suggest waiting…


We spent some money and got a REALLY good mic and we’re going to re-record episode 110 this weekend.  Probably tonight or tomorrow morning.  As soon as we’re done, I will get it up on the site ASAP.  So check back and check back often for it.

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I will be back soon with the new episode as well as a preview of next week’s episode!

Till then…

Episode 10: “Stand the Gaff”

Hey everyone, back with another episode.  This week we sat down with Producer Debra Trevino and Director Renata Green-Gaber!

They came on to talk about their film, Stand the Gaff.  It’s a great story and it’s very apparent that both of these amazing women are very passionate about the subject matter.

They also talk about raising money for their film, which is absolutely fascinating.

Please check out and support their pages.  Even if you can’t give money, you can still show your support by “liking” their Facebook page, following them on twitter and just helping out when you can.

Check out their website here:  www.standthegaff.com

Their Facebook page is: www.facebook.com/standthegaff

And follow them on twitter at: @STGAFF

Till next week…

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Episode 10

Episode 9: “Cheryl, Manny and Al go to White Castle.”

Another week, another episode!

This week we sit down with Al Kumar, agent extraordinaire. He really gives a lot of great information about how shit works when selling a script…something we all want to do.

And guess what? You’re probably NOT going to be a millionaire right off the bat! Isn’t that crazy?!

Next week we have our first returning guest. Debra Trevino is back and this time she’s coming with special guest Renata Green-Gaber, director of Stand the Gaff. As a producer/director team, they are going to talk about raising money for an independent film as well as their project, Stand the Gaff.

It’s going to be great times!

Till next week…

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Episode 9

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