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Episode 17: “Bored, James Bored and Try Not to Sell Your Soul to the Devil…”


This week Cheryl and I sit down and discuss the new James Bond movie Skyfall as well as your “writer’s resume” and what to do about giving your money to people who claim they can help you.

Also, we have the return of our ever popular “Fucktard of the Week” segment!  During the show we talk about a full page ad taken out in the Hollywood Reporter.  Click here to view a photo of it.  Wait until you listen to the podcast and THEN come back to it.  It won’t make much sense otherwise.

Have a great long Thanksgiving weekend (we know you’ll be using the time to catch up on our shows) and we’ll be back post food coma with a brand, spanking new show.

Till next week…

p.s. Go Lions!

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Episode 17