Episode 11 Coming Soon!

Hey everyone, I know you guys have probably been to the site to see if it’s been posted yet…as you can see, it hasn’t.

Here’s why…

We were so upset with the quality of the recording that we didn’t want to post the show we did.  It’s available on the BOSI newsletter and you can check it out if you want, but I would strongly suggest waiting…


We spent some money and got a REALLY good mic and we’re going to re-record episode 110 this weekend.  Probably tonight or tomorrow morning.  As soon as we’re done, I will get it up on the site ASAP.  So check back and check back often for it.

Don’t want to check back?  You don’t have to!  You can be notified when it’s posted by subscribing right on the right there OR you can follow us on Twitter @breakininthebiz

Hey and if you DO subscribe, check out our Poll on secret identities.  Who would YOU want to be?

I will be back soon with the new episode as well as a preview of next week’s episode!

Till then…

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