Episode 82: Updates! w/ A VERY Special Guest…

Hey Everyone…

It has been ONE year, to the day, since we posted a show for Breakin’ In! Last time we chatted, it was the morning that Cheryl was coming home from the hospital. Well here we are now, a year later and we thought it would be fun to sit down and give you some updates because a LOT has been happening.

So who exactly am I sitting down with to make it a “we?” Pretty sure you already know, but you’ll have to give it a listen to find out if you’re right.

Enjoy and hopefully you won’t have to wait another year before we post a new show.

Till next time…

One thought on “Episode 82: Updates! w/ A VERY Special Guest…”

  1. I am so happy to hear all the great news regarding how well Cheryl is doing!!!!

    And of course the fact that you are both working on books, and the fact that one of you scripts is generating interest!!! (I can’t wait to hear all about it… I hope it won’t be TOO long!)

    One medical thing I can relate to that I wish I couldn’t: Years ago I had a partially detached retina in my right eye. So about 20% of my vision in that eye was completely black. Really freaky. After several operations the vision was semi-normal for a while, but before I felt comfortable driving again it got worse so I haven’t driven in years. But, hopefully like Cheryl will find, I really don’t miss it… and have become quite adept at public transporation (train, bus, subway/EL) — and even some walking! (Also like Cheryl, my blood pressure is spot on!)

    Again, so great to hear from you two again, especially with all the good news! Hope you all do another podcast soon!

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