Episode 15: “Ducks, Bats and Star Wars…”

Hey Everyone…

Not gonna lie, this week gets super nerdy.  But that’s okay…it’s how we roll…

As usual, head over to iTunes and download this week’s song should you enjoy it as much as we do.

Next week, we sit down with good friends (and fans of the show) Alejandro and Johnny…a writing team that are making moves together and separately.   So it’ll be really good to hear what they have to say.   Should you have any questions as to how a writing team works, don’t hesitate to send them to us at breakinginthebiz@gmail.com.

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With that said… let’s get to the show!

Till next week…

or download it here:

Episode 15

3 thoughts on “Episode 15: “Ducks, Bats and Star Wars…””

  1. It may have been short, but it was also sweet (i.e., informative and fun)! Thanks for the additional information regarding pitchfests, inktip, and such.

    By the way Manny, I’ll also be sure to vote a second time for you. After all, I live in Chicagoland!

    And if in your meeting the agent thinks you’re serious when you state that your long-term goal is to reboot the movie [listen to pocast] — and you can keep a straight face for a few more seconds — follow it up with “that, or ‘My Left Foot’.” (Get it?!)

    Finally, I agree with Manny that it DOES matter when one saw the original STAR WARS! It was one of the defining moments of my childhood. I was one of those people who stood in line for hours to see it that first weekend. (In glorious 70MM, six channel magnetic sound no less!) And I went on to see it several more times during its original and subsequent (35MM) runs. (And of course I saw it again when it came out on VHS, Laserdisc [remember them?!], and DVD.)

    Yet I felt so ripped off by “The Phantom Menace” that I refused to see either of the following two movies. I am disappointed that Lucas went against his previous word and decided to sell out the brand name… but I’ve decided to be philosophical and realize that the brand name is already so diluted (by the prequel trilogy, the cartoons, fast food tie-ins, et cetera) that there is only so much further damage Disney can do.

    (My theory for why the prequel trilogy was so bad is because Lucas’s heart really wasn’t in it; he just agreed to it for the money, to support his decades-long dream of being known for some other movie, or movie-making style, than Star Wars. His Star Wars DVD commentary, if you listen closely, makes this pretty clear.)

    As for those who think Lucas redeemed himself by saying he will give the bulk of the money to charity, I wonder what these people think Lucas could otherwise have done with the money. Hide it under his mattress? I mean, how much money can one person spend? Besides, no matter how he spent (or invested) the money it would have helped people (by employing them).

    “Giving it to charity” sounds nice, but eventually the money is spent on something, supporting some people (and NOT others). By giving the money to charity, the only difference is Lucas doesn’t get anything in return. Or does he? What is the one thing he wants? To re-experience the kind of adulation he had 30 years ago, and lost so severely with the prequel trilogy.

    Which (IMHO) is precisely why he gave the money to charity. (And thus, taking it back a step, why he decided to sell the brand name to Disney.) And from all the adulation I’ve seen for him online the last few days, it worked.

    (Sorry I rambled on so long.) (Never give a nerd an opening.)

  2. I saw “The Bay” and second your recommendation. It premiered during the Ivy Film Festival at Brown University last April and was hosted by none other than Barry Levinson who I had the privilege of talking to afterwards. Fucking awesome experience because I got to ask him about a line of his I often quote from the movie “Diner” that defines my hopes in becoming a successful screenwriter. “If you don’t have good dreams you’ll have nightmares.” as expressed by Mickey Rourke’s character. I thought the line might of been some kind of paraphased proverb but Barry said he just made it up.

    Barry told the audience that “The Bay” was made on a $2 million budget and he was incorporating for the first time more economical production techniques to see how well they would work for him. Passionate of his Baltimore roots as you may know from his earlier films, Mr. Levinson directed this current work to bring awareness to the plight of Chesapeake Bay which sadly is in worse shape than you may think and actually undergoing some of the scarey shit used in the movie.

    Thanks for chatting on Inktip type sites, Manny and get well soon Cheryl.

  3. Great show.

    I just have to ask about your comments regarding Inktip. I did know about the many deals they “setup” and the small options. But, is there no such thing in Hollywood as a writer’s resume?

    Could not these small deals influence an agent/manager to sign if they are uncertain on a script?


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