Episode 11: “California Love, Politics and Notes…oh Glorious Notes!…”

Hey Everyone…

It’s here!  As I stated, we were so disappointed with last week’s show that we went out, bought some new equipment and re-recorded the episode.  I have to say, we’ve never sounded clearer and sexier.

This week, we talk about moving out to California, the return of Fucktard of the week, some political talk and finish up talking about notes and interviewing agents and managers.

Next week, we’ll be back with an all new (sexier sounding) show.  Look for our review of Argo and the excitement over the return of the Walking Dead.

Also, take a look at our poll over to the right and tell us who YOU’D want to use as your secret identity.

Good times to be had!

Now on to the show…Enjoy!

or download here:

Episode 11

5 thoughts on “Episode 11: “California Love, Politics and Notes…oh Glorious Notes!…””

  1. Even better the second time around! Superb sound, additional info. By the way, growing up I also loved “I’m just a bill”. As I recall, it went something like:

    I’m just a script
    Yes I’m only a script
    And I’m sitting here on Beverly Hill

    Well it’s a long long journey to the studio city
    It’s a long long wait while interning for no money
    But I know I’ll be a film someday!

    At least I hope and pray that I will
    But today I am still
    Just a script

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