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Episode 13: “Agents, Managers and Pitchers…Oh My!”

Hey Everyone!

Welcome back!  This week, Cheryl and I chat about everything we’re finding out about landing an agent and a manager in hopes that you guys get a little more info to make better decisions yourself.

We also dive into the events of last week’s pitchfest which, of course, was a giant pain in the ass.  Good stories of what you SHOULDN’T do when talking to executives.

Lastly, we dive into nerdom by chatting about Argo (finally) and Paranormal Activity 4.

Okay, I know…you’re going to kill me for getting repetitive, but I’m really trying to promote the show.  That being said…

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Okay okay, I know…I’ll shut up and let you get to the show.  Here you go:

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Episode 13