Episode 77: “The Best Man, Chinatown and Being Open…”

Welcome to another edition of Breakin’ In!

This week we sit down and talk about how movies emotionally get to us which is why we’re all really doing this, right? Not doing it for the money… RIGHT?!

Then I talk about a worthy experiment that all of you should try with the script of Chinatown.

Lastly we update you on some stuff that we’re working on and talk about being open to opportunities while trying to get your screenwriting career off the ground.

Let’s just hop to it! Enjoy!

Put some cheese on that cracker!

One thought on “Episode 77: “The Best Man, Chinatown and Being Open…””


    I think this was the most moving episode ever! And I don’t mean just because of the touching mutual admissions at the end… though that certainly was part of it!

    But even the opening discussion regarding the great modest-budget, dialog-intensive “Best Man” movies (that until now have been totally off my radar) had me a bit teary-eyed. (Especially when Manny was talking about the scenes that so moved him.) I can’t wait to rent them!


    That was fascinating about the slight (but significant) differences between the screenplay and film.

    I loved Chinatown from the beginning, but that may have been because I read the screenplay first (or part of it; I can’t remember) as it was in the first screenwriting book I ever read, back when I was in my twenties. I was so shocked when I saw the movie and it was in color! (New hashtag?: #sister-slap-daughter!)

    For some reason in my mind I had pictured the whole thing in black & white! (Same thing happened when I read the book “The Right stuff” when it first came out [in paperback], a couple of years before the movie!) Funny how the mind works.

    “Homeless guy’s paradise”. That may replace “rock n’ roll arsonist” (Body Heat) as most concise description! (And I’m not sure, but I suspect the starfish was a way to SHOW Nicholson thinking about what’s been going on [the water diversion].)

    And I agree, I hope they never remake this movie!
    I’ve always found the page-a-minute rule works pretty well too! (Guess they figured out the margins and stuff pretty good way back when!)

    (Side note regarding dialog burning pages quickly: the margins in plays are reversed [dialog has wider margins] so that dialog doesn’t take up as much vertical space. The idea being that in plays there is a lot more talking per minute than in films, but there is very little description.)


    Speaking of this topic, by coincidence I saw a reference in some article recently that said that Los Angeles area relies heavily on turnover — kids coming there with high hopes and parent’s money (or their own savings), spending it, and having to move back home! I never knew that. Though now that I think about it it does correspond to the people I know who did try moving out there. But I didn’t realize it happens to most… in fact, the area RELIES on that constant influx of new cash. I always thought of Vegas this way (obviously), but I never thought of LA area like this. Do you two agree with this (somewhat depressing) assessment?

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