Episode 78: “LA Traffic and Common Problems…”

Welcome to another edition of Breakin’ In!

This week Cheryl and I sit down and talk about the most common issues in every script. We also give some sage advice about living in LA.

No reason to keep talking, lets just get to the show!

Put some cheese on that cracker!


One thought on “Episode 78: “LA Traffic and Common Problems…””

  1. Another VERY helpful episode! Both the main discussion regarding writing statistics and pitfalls to avoid, as well as the initial fifteen minutes regarding LA transportation.

    (As one who rides the Chicago EL/subway regularly I’m glad that public transportation out there these days is good, but sorry that there is still [after 20 years] such a bias against those who don’t have a car.)

    There were way too many good points in the writing discussion to mention them individually, so I’ll just mention a couple of my favorite quotes from the discussion: “I know the ending and I just want get there” & “pages are long” & “a lot can happen in 30 seconds”.

    I can relate to those quotes (and many of the points the article made) so well. I can also relate to Cheryl’s timidity regarding calling herself a writer. I still struggle with that myself — I only call myself a writer around people who know me pretty well, not casual acquaintances or strangers.

    But, as Cheryl said, as soon as I sell a screenplay (or get a full-length [as opposed to ten-minute] play produced I will!

    By the way, I think the the “scorpion and the frog” analogy probably refers to the old story about how the only way the scorpion and frog can get across the river is if the scorpion hitches a ride on the frog’s back. I don’t remember why the frog needed the scorpion’s help, but he did. And he is assured that the scorpion won’t kill him as it would mean certain death for the scorpion as well as the frog.

    Anyway, halfway across the river the scorpion stings the frog. The frog says “Why did you do that? Now we will both drown!” The scorpion replies (as they both begin to drown) “I couldn’t help it, it’s my nature.”

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