Episode 76: “Movin’ Out to Cali!”

Hey Everyone! Welcome to another episode of Breakin’ In!

This week, Cheryl and I sit down and chat about the overwhelming ordeal of moving to Los Angeles. Where do you even start? Who do you listen to and most importantly, where do you live?!

Hopefully the info will be invaluable to you! Anyway, let’s get to the show! Enjoy…

Put some cheese on that cracker!


One thought on “Episode 76: “Movin’ Out to Cali!””

  1. EXCELLENT! Thank you both very much for all of the inside info!

    Though I’m going to have to listen to it again sometime soon (ideally with a map in hand!) as I know I didn’t catch everything the first time.

    As someone who hasn’t driven in years and has really (much to the surprise of my younger self) come to love the “EL”, my favorite part is how if you do things right you can get just about everywhere you’d need to go via public transportation!

    It’s also fascinating to hear how much has changed not only in the last 20 years (I remember the Compton of “Boyz in the Hood” and seeing the freeway shooting Cheryl mentioned on the news), but also in the last 3 years (in terms of Hollywood no longer being a shit-hole and an extra mile of safety past Highland or whatever).

    Yep, as a carless, single person where Manny lives sounds pretty good to me. Even the Grauman’s location (given the subway stop and nearby CVS and restaurant), though that Runyon canyon entrance sounds ideal since for a significant percentage of recent years (not the winters and subtracting out five months of one year because of planter fasciitis) I’ve gotten into the habit of walking three miles every other day.

    So I don’t think the extra walking would bother me — though I’m not positive because it’s flat around here and I know I don’t like hills. (Probably because I have a lot of weight to lift.) (My primary purpose in walking, besides enjoyment of a nice day [or getting to the bus which takes me to the train] is not to lose weight [not that that wouldn’t be nice] but to ward off diabetes.)

    Of course if I came into so much money that I could afford a limo and driver then all bets are off! (I’d probably want to live in one of those houses overlooking the beach too!) But I don’t think that’s very likely!

    Well, I don’t have any immediate plans to move out there (insuficient savings amongst other things), but I think it is good to not wait until the last minute to start learning these things.

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