Episode 75: “We Oopsed a Little Bit…

We chatted for an hour… thanks to me, only 4 minutes recorded. That being said, here’s a re-conversation to make up for it.

Next week we’re going to chat about moving out to LA and want your questions. Anything you want to know, ask us. We’re going to start a 3 part expose on the concept of moving out here.

That being said, let’s get to the show!

Put some cheese on that cracker!

2 thoughts on “Episode 75: “We Oopsed a Little Bit…”

  1. I’m still struggling with the best way to write and rewrite, so it was very enjoyable and informative to have you two discuss/argue the merits and drawbacks to each approach that are constantly at war in my mind.

    I tend to outline fairly thoroughly, and re-write as I go, even though almost everyone says not to. When things are flowing it’s great, but as Manny said there can be a tendency to get so concerned with what to write (and constantly fixing little things) that you don’t get much new writing done.

    (I admire people who can just write quick vomit drafts from the vaguest of ideas, but — so far at least — I’ve never been able to do that.)

    I’m looking forward to your expose on moving to and living in LA! I don’t know enough to ask any questions. Except, of course, for a question which perhaps works better as a logline: “Can a nerdy middle-aged overweight man get a job as a page at Paramount?”

    Also looking forward to your various upcoming guests, and hearing more about “Chastity Bites”.

    A few other things that especially caught my attention:

    1) Thanks for “Revenge” update… glad I hadn’t started watching it yet. (I always appreciate this kind of update; I really only like watching the best stuff, like “House of Cards”. Speaking of which, the second season is only a few weeks away!)

    2) I’ve never heard of “middle of the row” either; it’s always been “road”. (Though I guess “row” makes some sense.)

    3) “No surprises” in Oscar nominations? What about Redford’s snub?!! (Although I agree completely with what he said: that it is due to the distribution company not spending any money on all those “for your consideration” ads in the trade papers like was done for the other nominees.) So what little interest I might have had in watching the Oscars is now gone.

    4) Anyway to explain the “Snooty McSnooty” comment to those of us who haven’t seen “Wolf” (and have no intention to)?

    5) Regarding how “great” you thought Jonah Hill was: I hope you realize (from what I’ve read) that he was stroking a prosthetic!

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