Episode 71: “Shakespeare, Outlaws and ‘Re-Imaginings’…”

Welcome everyone…

This week, Cheryl and I chat about Sons of Anarchy and how you can take a very old idea and update it to a modern world. We also chat about the key components of what makes a Shakespeare play and how you in can weave them in to today’s movies . Plus we check in with Cheryl’s intervention.

Our song this week is Motley Crue’s “Wild Side” cause it kinda fits with the whole “biker mentality.” Enough of that though, let’s get to the show! Enjoy!

Put some cheese on that cracker!

2 thoughts on “Episode 71: “Shakespeare, Outlaws and ‘Re-Imaginings’…””

  1. “What Would Halmet Do?”

    Can’t wait until the day comes that you spot some “Sons of Anarchy” biker wearing a T-shirt saying that beneath his leather jacket!

    Fascinating discussion… though I feel a bit like Kramer in that episode where he discovers that others are so good at showers that it “only” takes them ten minutes (not an hour), because I just can’t figure out how others seem to manage their time so well that they are able to watch so many shows (even multiple seasons in a week), whereas it’s seems all I can do to keep up with the news and “Chicago Tonight” and a few other things.

    Guess one of these days I’ll have to find a “Jerry” that can teach me how it’s done.

    And speaking of The Bard, you got to check out the old series “Playing Shakespeare”. They do scenes from various plays using the then-cast of Royal Shakespeare Company, including David Suchet, Judi Densh, Ben Kingsley, Ian McKellen and a pre-Picard! Patrick Stewart. I saw it on PBS back in the 80s or 90s, but I’m guessing it might be available on Netflix these days.

    Finally, I also recently tossed the first five pages of one of my screenplays as I realized the second scene was far more powerful than the first. (I think I may end up using part of that first scene in a mental flashback [memory] scene later in the screenplay, as it perfectly contradicts what the character is telling another character at that moment. I think this will be far more powerful than the reader/audience simply remembering what the truth is from the opening scene.)

    1. (I meant “Hamlet”. Just a typo, not a commentary on bikers. Though perhaps spelling the T-shirt like that would be funnier.)

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