Episode 70: “Little Studio Strikes Back, By the Numbers and Cheryl’s Intervention…”

Welcome to another episode of Breakin’ In.

This week we update you on the Little Studio Films situation (don’t worry, it’s quick) then it’s off to chat about writing broken down by the numbers and we figure out a new way to get Cheryl to get her pages done. Plus, we have a special guest… my mom!

To honor her visit, our song this week is The Lonely Island’s “Mama.” But enough about that, let’s get to the show!

Put some cheese on that cracker!

One thought on “Episode 70: “Little Studio Strikes Back, By the Numbers and Cheryl’s Intervention…””

  1. “I see a fake beard and I want to paint it black…”

    Hi mom! Kudos for raising Manny to search for his soul and do something that makes him happy!

    And I absolutely love Manny’s sum-it-up quote for those of us who came late to writing: “I should already have a successful screenwriting career and be bitching about house payments and finding somebody to bear my children!”

    You gotta use that line in a screenplay Manny! (I’m also interested to hear more about your and Debra’s attempts to take over the world!)

    Good luck Karen — I mean Cheryl! — with the intervention!

    (By the way, I’m the same way… I’ll say to myself I’ll write two pages tomorrow instead of one today. Alas, as many indicated, that often turns into none this week, and being daunted by needing 14 next week!)

    (And yes, when I’m really desperate I print out what I’ve written so far. Somehow seeing it physically manifested helps convince me I can do the rest.)

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