Episode 72: “Happy Holidays with Breakin’ In!”

It’s our Holiday special and we couldn’t be happier. Santa brought us an early gift. Tune in to find out what it is.

Have a safe and happy Holiday and we’ll catch you next week for our end of the year spectacular!

Put some cheese on that cracker!

One thought on “Episode 72: “Happy Holidays with Breakin’ In!””


    The second I heard the opening music (“Let it Snow”) I couldn’t help thinking of Die Hard (I and II). I hope I’m not the only one whose brain has been so corrupted!

    I really enjoyed the story of how Cheryl’s gay friend enjoyed watching the hundreds of running well-oiled body-builders being filmed for a commercial just outside her apartment. I applaud such open honesty…

    …whereas I’ve never understood the twisted logic of those who claim that their desire to watch bulked-up (football) or scantily-clad (basketball) men somehow makes them more heterosexual than those of us (musical theater fans) who prefer to watch extremely attractive women singing and dancing!

    Regarding LSF going to all that trouble to get a domain name that people will go to accidentally (thinking it’s yours) and putting up ridiculously out-of-context quotes, yes I think this means you guys have hit the big time! Congrats!

    Thanks also for the shout-out! Alas, I got to the show so late this week (because of both holiday cheer and melancholy) that I think I’ll wait another day or two to hear from you all the latest regarding LSF before checking out their web site.

    (Frankly, I’m a bit hesitant for them to have my IP address… though I realize I’m probably just feeling paranoid after the latest Target revelations [that the thieves did get the PINs after all, as I told somebody from the beginning I highly suspected they did given what I know about how those cards work.])

    But so far I have no New Year’s Eve plans except to listen to your show, so if on the show you say that you’re still up for having people come up with stuff I’ll do my best.

    Congrats to Cheryl on her successful writing self-intervention!

    And I’m very interested in hearing (as time goes by) more about Manny’s attempts to write and pitch a TV show idea, no matter what the idea is. But if it is about (as I strongly suspect) the goings-on at a once-famous production company from the point of view of the gate-keeper who answers the phones, them I’m especially interested!!

    (Redact that previous sentence if necessary.)

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