Episode 69: “Breakin’ In with John and Lotti Knowles… Again!”

Hey everyone, welcome back to another episode of Breakin’ In!

This week Cheryl and I sit down with John and Lotti Knowles writer, producer and director of Chastity Bites! It’s a great conversation about the fact that your film is never really done. Instead of me telling you, let’s just get to the show and listen!

Put some cheese on that cracker!


One thought on “Episode 69: “Breakin’ In with John and Lotti Knowles… Again!””

  1. “Keep your eyes on your own paper”

    Fun visit! And I really appreciated all of Lotti and Johns pearls of wisdom (such as the above), and how upbeat they remain no matter how much they have to “redefine their expectations” — including that it is probably going to take years recoup their investment.

    Another aspect of them (in addition to how hardworking they are) that I think most of us (including myself) would do well to better emulate.

    Thanks also for the tip regarding “Sleepless in Hollywood” — I’m going to get and read it ASAP. (And see “Seduced and Abandoned”.)

    One thing: I wish more time had been spent on the actual nuts and bolts of the production and distribution and less on spiders (which gross me out too)! Perhaps when the DVD comes out in February?

    P.S. Speaking of “Seduced and Abandoned”, I can’t help wondering if getting Alec Baldwin’s new talk show — which was a sea of intelligence in the vast wasteland of TV talk shows — cancelled was the whole purpose of paparazzi harassing him so. (I keep visualizing a scene where the paparazzi get paid off for a job well done by an evil minion of corporatism.)

    It think it’s sad how comments made while he and his wife and young kid were being harassed were so used against him by the media (and so many idiotic viewers). I imagine most of us, under similar circumstances, would have said things just as bad… if not worse.

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