Episode 40: “Lotta Business and Some Things You Should be Watching (and some you shouldn’t!)…”

On our 40th episode, it’s a whole lotta business.

We announce the winner of our first “Tearin’ it Up with Manny and Cheryl!”  (Spoiler alert:  It’s Pretty Woman.)

Our song this week is “Working for the Weekend” by Loverboy… yes, THAT lover boy.

We talk about Final Draft, Inc.’s first meet up with Reno 911’s Thomas Lennon and Robert Ben Garant.  It’s free, head here to RSVP.  You’re not going to want to miss this…plus, WE’LL be there!

We announce that there’s going to be an announcement next week.  How “Apple” is that?!

Return of fucktard of the week and MUCH MORE!

So much more that it makes me ask…why are we still talking about it!  Just shut up and get to the show!


till next week…

2 thoughts on “Episode 40: “Lotta Business and Some Things You Should be Watching (and some you shouldn’t!)…””

  1. Thanks for the heads-up regarding “House of Cards”! Just watched the first few minutes (including the opening “dog scene”) and I’m already hooked. Though (speaking of cheats or flaws) I could really do without the direct address (breaking the fourth wall). I hope this isn’t done a lot. (This technique has always seemed like a lazy writer contrivance to me.)

    But other than that (and being reminded of the infamous [and far more horrible] opening scene of “China Beach”), so far it does seems very good. Going to watch the rest of the episode as soon as I finish typing this comment. And hopefully the rest of the episodes over the next week or two.

    After all, political stuff IS my forte, as in the case of “The Ides of March”. (In fact, I saw an excellent production of the play upon which that movie is based, “Farragut North”, in Chicago a year or two ago.) And I agree completely that this new method of making original content is something to be grateful for, and support.

    Speaking of being in Chicagoland, though, I’m bummed that I can’t make your first meetup on May 13th. I hope it goes well, and that there will be many more in the future.

    Finally, I’m anxiously awaiting your BIG ANNOUNCEMENT next week. (I sure hope it isn’t that you’re going to start charging for your podcasts!) (Not that they aren’t worth it… but I’m a cheap bastard.)

    1. I’ve already watched the first six episodes! I’ve never done anything like that before (unless you count’ re-watching each season’s episodes of LOST [except the last!] when they came out on DVD.)

      I’m kind of the cereal Mike of TV (“he doesn’t like anything”), but this is a rare major exception. Definitely agree with Manny and Cheryl that it shouldn’t be missed.

      My favorite (non-spoiley) quote so far is when Zoe referred so negatively to the White House press corps, essentiantially calling them lackeys who are in such need of convicning themselves that they have worth that they have to bring in celebrities for their annual gather. #GoZoe!

      For a while I was disappointed that there weren’t more quotes like this regarding politicians, but then I realized the whole point of the program is to SHOW (not tell) how most politicians get (and increase) their power. (Now if only most people would have the breakthrough that this applies to their beloved politician as well… no matter how great he may seem when giving a speech.)

      Oh, and while I think the direct address technique is largely unnecessary (unlike “Ferris Bueller”, the one place it really did work), it really isn’t bothering me.

      Finally, a couple of fun facts: I recognize the names of two of the writers (Rick Cleveland and Keith Huff) as (former?) Chicago playwrights, and the director (James Foley) of some the episodes directed one of my favorite movies, Glengarry Glenn Ross (co-starring Kevin Spacey and written by former Chicago playwright David Mamet).

      Anyway, thanks again for turning me on to this series Manny and Cheryl!

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