Episode 41: “Some Business and a Whole Lotta Action…”

This week, Cheryl and I descend into a heated debate about the action genre as well as tackle some business.


We DO talk about Iron Man 3 and we DO talk about SOME minor plot points.  Nothing that will ruin the movie for you, unless you’re OCD about knowing that kind of shit.

YOU have been WARNED!

The song this week is Eninem’s “Won’t Back Down.”

Let’s hop to it!

till next week…

One thought on “Episode 41: “Some Business and a Whole Lotta Action…””


    LOL! Man, you two really left yourself open for someone like Alex to clip and repetitively auto-tune some of the choice bickers and make a viral video (well, audio) out of the “Action for the new era” discussion! (Particularly the nine minute section from about 9:55 to about 18:45.)

    On the positive side (unless the aforementioned was a clever Siskel&Ebert type marketing plan, in which case it’s all good!), I thought both of you had some great points. The problem is I had to listen to the noise twice in order to discern the quality signal behind it. (Of course, considering how much we listeners are paying I guess we can’t complain too much!)

    Anyway, I am pleased by the changes to the action genre (and, even more so, the horror genre).

    Thanks for the heads-up regarding the book “Writing Movies for Fun and Profit” — I’m going to get it and read it ASAP.

    I’m still loving “House of Cards”! Only a couple episodes left… sure glad there is going to be a second season! Not sure if I’ll check out “Wing” however… it always seemed to me (based on the commercials and the comments of the people I knew who liked it) that (unlike “House of Cards”) it was too oriented towards those who like to worship politicians. Of course since I’ve never watched it I could be wrong. But your comments regarding it (seems like it takes place in 1950s not 2000, et cetera) would seem to confirm my impression of it.

    In fact, I’d go as far as to say that the reason we are (as Cheryl said) dealing with the same issues now as then is because of shows like this (that make people think politicians can solve all our problems for us). Whereas I think “House of Cards” shows much more what politicians are really like.

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