Episode 39: “Adapting Jack Reacher and Some Updates…”


To Episode 39!

This week we chat about Cheryl’s love for everything Reacher and whether or not Tom Cruise fucked up.  Fans of the show know, good ‘ole TC is NOT one of Cheryl’s favorite subjects.  Also we chat about updates for one of our projects.

Next week we’re going to be sitting down and tearin’ up a movie.  So Far Pretty Woman is in the lead.  Sigh.  You guys are gonna make us watch Pretty Woman. aren’t you?  If you haven’t voted, please head over here and cast your vote!

Our song this week is Motley Crue’s “Kickstart My Heart.”  No real reason other than it kicks ass and so does Jack Reacher.

On to the show!

till next week…

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Episode 39

One thought on “Episode 39: “Adapting Jack Reacher and Some Updates…””


    (Disclaimer: This week’s show really got my Irish up. So anyone who isn’t in the mood for an ornery rant please read no further.)

    “Jack Reacher is a well-directed piece of pulp crapola. The action sequences are well choreographed, the visuals are arresting. But the big reveal is just ridiculous, the dialogue is often unintentionally funny, and Cruise’s performance is mostly wrong.”

    This is from the Sun-Times review (in December) — and the Chicago Tribune review wasn’t much better. I bring this up to assure you that those (such as Cheryl and myself) who refuse to pay to see Tom Cruise movies shouldn’t feel the need to over-compensate, nor should those (such as Cheryl and Manny) who liked the books feel an obligation to “defend the honor” of McQuarrie or Child.

    Of course, anyone who genuinely liked this movie should feel free to say so, regardless of what others think (heaven knows I disagree with official reviewers often enough). I was just surprised that Manny and Cheryl gave it “two thumbs up” after saying so many negative things about it.

    My favorite criticism was when you were talking about the “cheating” way in which Reacher was introduced. It makes me me wish that screenplays for movies that are being produced are automatically submitted (with the title, author, and name of main character changed) into the top screenwriting contests. I suspect a significant number of such screenplays wouldn’t even make it to the semi-finalist stage.

    At which point perhaps people would stop saying that one writer must be better than another because he or she has been produced, when there are many factors involved (perhaps even membership in Scientology).

    OMG! I just read the rest of the aforementioned reviews, and it turns out that McQuarrie wrote “The Usual Suspects”! That is so funny because my well-known hatred of that movie was recently (from my perspective) validated by Roger Ebert!

    That is, a memorial article had a link to his 1995 Sun-times review, and it turns out he hated it just as much as I did! You gotta read it. He really trashes it. In fact, he even used the word “cheat” to describe the big reveal of the movie!!!

    So if McQuarrie ever decides to write a book on screenwriting I have the perfect title for him: “Cheating your way to the A-list”!

    P.S. I saw “Boyz in the Hood” way back when it first came out (in a theater) and it remains one of my favorites. Whereas I’ve never seen “Fast and the Furious”. So while I understand the point the producer was making, it is still kind of depressing.

    P.P.S. One of my screenplays is set where that producer said we shouldn’t set it, so I hope other producers don’t feel as strongly about it. Either way, though, thanks for the heads up. Important to know.

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