Episode 31: “EFFtard of the Week Returns, Manny’s New Job and Improv…”

WELCOME to another episode of Breakin’ In!

This week’s song is “Smack My Bitch Up” by Prodigy… why?  Cause it’s the return of Fucktard of the Week!  Cheryl and I let loose our nastiness on one of our critics that wanted us to “go back to basics.”  Well…we did.  On him.

After that we chat about my new job!  A very exciting opportunity has come my way and we talk about some of the benefits of that.

At the tail end of the show we chat about my roommate’s improv comedy group Drunkards and Dragons.  Here’s a link to their site: Drunkards & Dragons

I STRONGLY suggest you check out their show sometime.  It’s great times!

Okay…enough!  On to the show!

Till next week…

or download it here:

Episode 31

3 thoughts on “Episode 31: “EFFtard of the Week Returns, Manny’s New Job and Improv…””

  1. Congrats Manny on the new gig. I prefer your less caustic approach with your podcasts and the valuable industry insight, especially when you have guests on the show. Your are evolving in the right direction. Fuck the fucking fuckers.

    We live in a society where many feel their opinion holds the same weight as those who make an informed opinion. As a newbie screenwriter, I’ve read a shitload of books and articles as well as scanned tons of stuff on the internet the past four years regarding my goal of breaking in the biz. Still, I look forward to your podcasts and information I haven’t picked up elsewhere.

    If you haven’t seen the documentary “Heckler” available on Netflix, I recommend you check it out because it does cover the film industry and movie critics.


    At the risk of sounding like a non-produced listener who pats your back, congratulations on your new job!

    (Given his passion for regression, it occurs to me that the Efftard’s favorite movie must be “Benjamin Button”.)

    As someone who has listened to every one of your podcasts and read every column, I can certainly vouch for the fact that you’ve always been a strong Final Draft supporter.

    I use Movie Magic for historical/emotional reasons, going back to using the original DOS ScripThing MM was based on to write my first short plays way back when. (One of them was actually produced at a small Chicago theater. Largest audience of the 12 perfs: 75. Least: 17.)

    QUESTION: Putting ease-of-use questions aside, can an industry professional actually tell the difference between a PDF created by MM and one by Final Draft? If so, would the industry professional care? (That is, if he otherwise likes the opening pages of the “high-concept 1.5 million dollar contained thriller” that he had requested based on the [presumably compelling] logline?)

    In high school I occasionally played Dungeons and Dragons (I admit it) with a group of friends in one of their basements (strictly on paper of course, the only “technology” being multi-sided dice), so I’m going to check out “Drunkards and Dragons” next time I’m in LA. (Or if they play at the ORIGINAL [I believe] IO here in Chicagoland!)

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