Episode 32: “Really? That’s What You Want to Go With!?”

Hey Everyone…

WELCOME!  To another exciting episode of Breakin In!

This week Cheryl and I chat about boobs…actually, songs about boobs.  More importantly do songs about boobs belong at the Oscars?!  (Spoiler Alert:  The answer’s yes!)

But the main theme is focused on making a cheap “contained thriller” without making a cheap, SHITTY “contained thriller.”

Our song this week is Soul Asylum’s “Runaway Train.”  Why you say?  Is it because we have a deep seeded love for 90’s Generation X grunge songs?  NO!  Cause well…you’ll get the connection…

Enough with the guessing games… let’s get to the show!

Till next week…

or download it here:

Episode 32

One thought on “Episode 32: “Really? That’s What You Want to Go With!?””

  1. “Most of all, I’d like to thank Manny, Cheryl and Johnny for teaching me that a low-budget movie doesn’t have to be just about gore…”

    I’m bursting at the seams to tell somebody the title and logline of my high-concept (definitely) low-budget (I think) contained (mostly) thriller (well, probably more drama/thriller like “Winter’s Bone”), but I know I can’t until I’ve actually finished writing it since the desire to tell the story is (so far at least) over-riding the powerful demons that all-too-often keep me from writing.

    I enjoyed your critique of “Asylum Blackout” as it illustrates so well what I used to think (until listening to your show) all horror movies were like.

    Like Cheryl I didn’t watch the Oscars as it was pretty obvious who was going to win, and my only rooting interest was in certain categories where I didn’t want ANYBODY to win — and thus I was probably going to be pretty damn disappointed!

    But after hearing about the controversy I couldn’t help pull up online the “boobs”, Kirk, and other bits, and I (like you all) found them entertaining (and even, as you said, occasionally a bit Astaire-like classy).

    The only thing I found offensive was when the spouse of some politician (and her carefully assembled entourage) upstaged Jack Nicholson by announcing the best picture award. WTF? I was so hoping the winner would have a Native American come up on stage and refuse the award Now THAT would have been controversial!

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