Episode 30: “We’re International, Query Letters and Writing on Assignment…”

Welcome to this week’s episode of Breakin’ In!

This week we chat about query letters and writing on assignment then… we’re joined by Alex to talk about her very own Breakin’ In story because of well, Breakin’ In!

If you missed it, we posted a bonus edition of Breakin’ In! where Cheryl and I chat about A Good Day to Die Hard.  Check it out here… Special Edition #1

Our song this week is Pink’s “Raise Your Glass” in honor of Alex’s little bit of possible success!

Okay, enough chit chat… on to the show!

Till next week…

or download it here:

Episode 30

One thought on “Episode 30: “We’re International, Query Letters and Writing on Assignment…””


    Happy 30th (week) anniversary!

    Thanks for all the great advice on how to properly query production companies (often just the logline with no query letter) — and for sharing the two unbelievably horrible examples of writers who did just the opposite!

    I also found the discussion of the differences between writing “your baby” and writing on assignment very interesting. And I thought I’d noticed the spec market had changed considerably, so I’m glad you elaborated on that. (Fortunately I’ve never been that interested in getting rich.)

    And were the unintentional life-metaphors and colorful phrases flying like crazy this week! My favorite (from Alex):

    “…an exciting puzzle, how much of myself I can give in a project that doesn’t have my guidelines…. to see how fully I can get my art out in something. That’s more exciting than someone just giving me a blank piece of paper and just saying go with it.”

    Sounds like something Buddha would have said!

    And my favorite exchange of the week has to be:

    Cheryl: “I have a creature that looks like a shell…”
    Alex: “…and he needs to climb mountains. Make that happen.”

    But of course my favorite “I wish I could see the reaction of someone hearing this sentence out of context” of the week has to be Manny saying:

    “He can walk into any Starbucks and say ‘put an alien in my third act’ and just about everyone in there will be willing to do it.”

    And let us not forget last week’s champion, back for another round:

    “Who is writing the check?”

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