Special Edition #1: “A Good Day to Die Hard…or not!”

Hey peeps!

Welcome to a special edition of Breakin’ In!

We went to see the horribly reviewed new Die Hard movie and felt SO passionate about it, that we had to jump on the airwaves and voice our opinion!

Don’t worry, you’ll still get our regular show on Monday, but till then, enjoy this little bonus!  Let’s get to it!


or download it here:

Special Edition #1


2 thoughts on “Special Edition #1: “A Good Day to Die Hard…or not!””


    LOL! Also, nice touch having “Ode to Joy” — which was used so such great effect in the original (even Rickman humming it) as the intro music!

    As someone who loved the original I’m so glad you took this (alleged) sequel to task! Though I’m floored to hear that you thought the third movie was better than #2 (Die Harder), as I strongly disagree — and not just because of the return of Bedilia and the now even-more-nostalgic Twinkies!

    In fact, after #3 (which I admit had some good moments, especially McClane wearing that sign at the beginning and [just before that] Jackson’s opening speech to the kids), I didn’t even bother to see #4. (Just like I didn’t see the “final” two Star Wars movies in protest of how bad “Phantom Menace” was.) (Though admittedly DH#3 was a masterpiece compared to “Phantom.”)

    Didn’t I hear somewhere (maybe from you all) that this wasn’t even a Die Hard movie originally? That somebody just realized that if they cast Bruce Willis (and put in a yippie kay yeah or two) they could call it a Die Hard sequel and get a lot more people to see it?

    Alas, apparently it worked since it had a big opening weekend. One can only hope that word will spread and that next weekend it will do as well as the latest stupid juvenile (excuse me, young adult) movie “Beautiful Creatures” did this weekend. (One can only hope the fact that “Creatures” bombed so bad will finally help put an end to the seemingly endless series of movies based on YA books.)

    By the way, a while back I rented the original Die Hard (which I first saw back in 1988) and the bonus features were absolutely fantastic! You gotta see them. Not only commentaries about how they did stuff back in the pre-CGI era, but about the actual STORY!

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