Episode 24: “Back to the Basics…”

Hey Everyone…

So we’re back!  This week, Cheryl and I talk about some of our more trivial writer issues as well as the Art of Speed.  Yes, THAT Speed.

Our song this week is Ozzy Osbourne’s “Mamma I’m Coming Home” because we’ve been off the subject of writing for so long.

If everything in the universe aligns, we will be having a very special guest next week.  So looking forward to that!

But enough of that, let’s get to the show!

Till next week…

or download it here:

Episode 24

2 thoughts on “Episode 24: “Back to the Basics…””

  1. Thanks for the great writing tips, and for validating my guilty-pleasure fondness for “Speed” and (especially!) “Clerks”.

    Though of course now I can’t stop wondering if the old guy with the death-defying-dong (did I just make that up?!) hung (so to speak) that cadged roll of plush toilet paper in the proper manner!

    Sorry Cheryl… while I agree with many of your pet peeves (especially the one about tossing in aliens at the end of a movie!), I can’t think of any other movies besides “Clerks” that begin with an alarm clock.

    But a movie ENDING that way (metaphorically at least) is indeed one of my top peeves. (That is, the old technique [these days often camouflaged with hi-tech] of getting out of an impossible jam by saying “and then the alarm clock went off and I woke up!”)

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