Episode 25: “Breakin’ In with Jennifer Fontaine!”

Writer, Producer, Actor, Blogger and over all awesome person Jennifer Fontaine sits down and chats with us on this week’s show.

To celebrate, our song this week is Kanye West’s “Amazing,” because Jennifer is exactly that… A-mah-zing.

Please take the time to check out Jennifer’s movie Finding John Smith.  It’s available on Amazon to buy and rent.  Here’s the link:


Also, for you outdoor and maternal people, please check out her blog: http://www.mommyhiker.com

Okay, on to the show!

Till next week…

or download it here:

Episode 25

One thought on “Episode 25: “Breakin’ In with Jennifer Fontaine!””


    She is indeed a-mah-zing! Although I think everyone deserves extra praise this week for the high level of memorable quotes and quips. TOP TEN (sans context or attribution) (to pique the interest of those who have yet to listen):

    (Just missed: “I had free reign of the back lot” and “I am so ‘-ish'”.)

    10) “I would, but danced my ass off last night.”

    #9) “Ribby McCrack-crack.”

    #8) TIE: “I didn’t have full passion until given an opportunity to peek…”
    “Sounds like a fun way to get into it.”

    #7) “Some people were just paying their rents off the backs of actors… but now the state has stepped in and said this is illegal.”

    #6) TIE: “So you didn’t get naked on a couch?”
    “No, but I have been propositioned.”

    #5) “Maybe this is my gosh gee golly attitude toward life, but…”

    #4) “Just say no to MOS!” (T-shirt)

    #3) TIE: “I’m a fan of…”
    “She’s saying something about me right now.”

    #2) “A set is basically a bunch of construction workers… you can’t be offended by dick jokes.”

    #1) “If you’re a writer and a famous producer brings out a collection of famous pubic hairs… you just have to roll with it!”

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