Episode 23: “2012 Round-Up…”

Happy New Year people!

This week, Cheryl and I wrap up the year by talking about our complete favorites and our utter disappointments.  No, this isn’t a best of clip show, it’s our way of counting down everything in movies for 2012.

Our songs this week are two-fold.  The opening song is U2’s “New Year’s Day”…yeah, I know, obvious choice, but it works!q  Our closing song comes from Dan Fogelberg’s “Same Auld Lang Syne.”

Have a great and safe new year and we’ll be back with a brand new show soon!  On to the show…enjoy!

Till next week…

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Episode 23

One thought on “Episode 23: “2012 Round-Up…””

  1. HAPPY NEW YEAR! (And what better way to ring it in than with a Breakin’ In podcast!)

    My favorite TV moment by far (though Liz getting married dressed as Princess Lea was indeed great!) was back on Valentine’s Day when Jimmy gets the local improv group to do a sketch summarizing the history of his platonic (yet baby-centered) relationship with Sabrina, allowing him (when the lights come up) to finally declare his love for her (as everyone sings a surprisingly moving “You Light Up My Life”).

    Admittedly having had to wait over a year and a half for this moment (Jimmy got a crush on her in the very first episode) had something to do with its power, but still. After all, the moment easily could have been quite a let down — in fact, at the time I couldn’t imagine how it couldn’t be, and yet they pulled it off.

    (The only thing I can compare it to is when in the fourth season of LOST Desmond finally gets to speak on the phone with Penny for a minute, causing tears to flow in every fan, male or female.)

    Alas, most of that (second) season (of “Raising Hope”) wasn’t so good… but so far this third season is closer to the quality of the first season. (The first 11 episodes of the first season, along with several others, including the aforementioned Valentine’s Day episode, are in my opinion some of the best comedy TV ever produced… typically 20 minutes of laughs followed by 2 minutes of tears.)

    Your discussion has inspired me to rent HIMYM one of these days. (And was it Parenthood or Modern Family you liked so much? I’ll have to go back to the podcast sometime and check.) And I always laugh when LouisCK is on Kimmel or whatever so I should really check out his show. (I don’t have cable but it seems eventually everything is released on DVD these days.)

    I’m going to pass on Homeland, however. Amongst other things, that daughter cheat would really bug me (just ask anyone how nit-picky I am when it comes to writer cheats), plus I spend so much time reading about what is REALLY going on that it would be more confusing than entertaining. (I highly recommend Justin Raimondo’s antiwar dot com column.)

    As a huge fan of the first two Die-Hard movies, any word on whether “A Good Day to Die Hard” was a Die Hard movie from the get-go, or (like #3 allegedly) adapted from another screenplay? (In any case, I sure hope that, despite the title, no Klingons are involved!)

    I really enjoy all your movie disappointments, especially when you have “inside info” about how the original script was better, or how (for instance) Alex Cross didn’t accurately portray what things are like in Detroit — after changing the location from D.C.!

    I’m not sure what it says about me, but I immediately understood who Cheryl was talking about when she said something about “the guy with the tax troubles”. And of course I never tire of hearing how poor FLIGHT is (“stupid story”, “seen the same basic story a million times before”, “just an after school special”)!

    In conclusion, I hope you get a lot of praise, not hate mail, for being disappointed in “The Hobbit”!

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