Episode 22: “Movies, Globes and the Return of Cheryl!”

Hey everyone…

We’re back on Christmas Eve to catch you up on everything we’ve been watching and to talk about the Golden Globe nominations that we didn’t get to last week.  Our song for this week is Michael Buble’s version of “It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas.”  Sure, a tad bit of a cliche, but still…it’s that time of year.

We both would like to send our happiest of holiday cheer to everyone.  Have safe and fun good times.

Till next week…

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Episode 22

2 thoughts on “Episode 22: “Movies, Globes and the Return of Cheryl!””

  1. Happiest of Holidays to Breakin’ In. Cheryl sounds refreshed from her trip or was that the ice clinking beverage you guys were partaking in. Did you guys ever watch Cloud Atlas? I’m curious about your thoughts on the script because its structure was far removed from the norm.

  2. As someone who absolutely loved Les Miserables on stage (I saw the original Chicago production several times) I’ve been concerned about the movie version. After hearing what so many, including you two, have to say about it, I think I’ll skip it.

    I keep hoping Tarentino will make another movie like “Jackie Brown” — I loved that film. His others, not so much. (To me, they are filled with “sandwich moments”.)

    As soon as I heard they were splitting THE HOBBIT into three films, even though the novel isn’t that big, I figured it was going to be bad. (Be glad you didn’t have to pay — or watch the 48 frames-per-second version!)

    Movies (and many “very special” TV episodes) like “Silver Linings” make me ponder just how much people’s perception of Big Pharma (and it’s role in movies) has changed over the last twenty years. One can’t help but wonder if “The Fugitive” movie was being made now if representatives from the powers that be would pull up in a dark limo and let [the producer] know in no uncertain terms that the ending needs to be changed, and that all those negative references Tommy Lee Jones makes early in the movie (while glancing at a brochure) need to be removed.

    Based on the three-minute LINCOLN trailer I think Cheryl’s fears are probably spot-on. Glad you guys are going to watch it so I (probably) won’t have to. (After all, I’d have to pay!) (And I can’t fast-forward past the worst of the modern-day-character/dialog.)

    I just had a rather surprising revelation: Except for 30 Rock (which in general I’ve liked a lot over the years), I haven’t seen ANY of the TV shows you mentioned, except for one episode of “New Girl” (which was okay but didn’t inspire me to watch regularly). (And that’s coming from someone who loved Zoey in “Almost Famous”.) Guess it’s a good thing I haven’t dreamed of writing for TV since about the time “Lou Grant” went off the air.

    I hope next week’s “best of” show doesn’t mean “best of” in the sense of “hey, let’s just throw on a rerun and call it a ‘best of’ show”! (Though if you guys do need a break I’ll certainly understand. After all, most shows get a break after 22 episodes!) In the meantime, however, I’ll be hoping for a “2012 End of Year Spectacular!”

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