Episode 21: “Manny Plays with Himself…”

…not like that.  Perverts.

I’m on my own this week and it’s flat out horrible (just warnin’ ya…a little TOO much Manny this week).  Just a quick show where I talk about what being a writer means and what it DOESN’T mean.  Cheryl will be back next week and we’ll talk about a slew of things leading into our end of the year show.


Till next week…

or download it here:

Episode 21

2 thoughts on “Episode 21: “Manny Plays with Himself…””


    Great monologue on the difference between being creative and being a good (10K hours of practice) writer, and the difference between bad writing and simply having problems with (an otherwise compelling and well-written) story that can be dealt with (if the writer is open to notes from industry professionals).

    Favorite “tough love” line: “And a lot of you think you’re not that person — that’s the big problem.” Strong medicine… but much needed.

    Thankfully, of course, I am not one of those people. (cough)

    P.S. I thought “One” was by Three Dog Night. I don’t ever remember hearing the Beatles sing it. If you’re wrong about that then that’s the only thing I think Cheryl could critique you for. (Well, that and flubbing the first recording I guess. Would have loved to have heard that monologue as well!)

  2. I thought you got into some good points regarding where aspiring writers should focus. I’m going to read more scripts this holiday season not to copy, but to “compare” how my work stands up. By working harder to learn intuitively what is good vs. shit, I hope to seek less feedback and direction from people who are struggling or have struggled to sell at least one script that is any good.

    Relevant and bizzaro trivia regarding “One” sung by Three Dog Night given this recent tragedy. Harry Nilsson wrote and sang that tune first and was highly admired by the Beatles. He was close friends with them especialy, John. When Lennon was murdered in 1980, Nilsson felt the impact so deeply that he was heavily involved with The Coalition to Stop Handgun Violence to the detriment of his songwriting.

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