Episode 20: “Cruise, Gere and Loser Said What?… What?”

Hey Everyone!

Welcome to this week’s show where we discuss Richard Gere’s new movie Arbitrage and Tom Cruise’s new movie Jack Reacher. We also get into some SERIOUS fucktarded shit advice that was given to a slew of you… the newbie screenwriter!

No Intro from me today, but this week’s song is No Diggity by Blackstreet featuring Dr. Dre. Why? Absolutely no reason at all other than it was stuck in my head and just thought it would be cool to add.

Head over to iTunes and download it along with MANY others.

Enough of me… on to the show!

Till next week…

or download it here:

Episode 20

One thought on “Episode 20: “Cruise, Gere and Loser Said What?… What?””

  1. So much great stuff! Impossible to respond to everything, but I have to mention three things:

    First, this week I agree with Manny (“he never adopted her!”). Of course, I may be biased as I’ve been a big fan of most of his movies ever since I first saw “Take the Money and Run” on TV as a kid.

    Second, I also love lines like “The vibration and clatter fall away to silence.”

    And finally: “Just break their knees and run.” Sounds like excellent advice for newbie screenwriters when confronted by Saturday panels of self-proclaimed gurus giving them seriously efftarded advice!

    (Disclaimer: This comment is for entertainment purposes only.)

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