Episode 19: “More Screeners and the Top 5 Most EFFTARDED Things Writers Do…”

Hey Everyone!

This week Cheryl and I sit down and talk about the latest movies we’ve seen and dance like fucking chimps for you.

That’s right. We answered a request of a listener. This does NOT set a precedence people! Just kidding. We’re totally here for your dancing pleasure.

So let’s get to it!

Till next week…

or download it here:

Episode 19

One thought on “Episode 19: “More Screeners and the Top 5 Most EFFTARDED Things Writers Do…””

  1. Another great podcast! Loved the Top 5 Most EFFTARDED Things Writers Do (we can never be reminded enough!), as well as the screener reviews.

    Speaking of the latter, I must say I am definitely in Cheryl’s camp when it comes to FLIGHT — and I can prove it! Check out (and feel free to ad to!) my very sarcastic twitter hashtag #ThingsILearnedFromFLIGHT, which I posted the weekend it opened (November 3rd)!

    Of course, I had only recently joined twitter so I didn’t understand that virtually nobody would see them. (Nay, I thought the hashtag would be “trending” within hours, as everyone else added to them!)

    “Bob’s Basement Screenwriting Contest” — LOL!

    Don’t feel bad about avoiding CLOUD ATLAS, despite the good reviews from the likes of Ebert. IIRC my favorite reviewer, Michael Phillips (Chicago Tribune), wrote in his review that he did something he never does — went back a second time to try to understand why people liked it so much — and he STILL couldn’t understand why people thought it was so great. So I’ve avoided it like the plague. (Especially since even though I loved BOUND — I actually saw it in a movie theater when it first came out — I haven’t cared for any of “the siblings” movies since.)

    P.S. WTF? #ThingsILearnedFromFLIGHT no longer appears when doing a search. Didn’t know they deleted stuff so soon. (The more I use TWITTER, the more I dislike it.) Well, at least the tweets remain at nealr_writer:

    1) Bernoulli’s principle works best upside down. #ThingsILearnedFromFLIGHT

    2) The best pilots routinely abuse alcohol and cocaine. #ThingsILearnedFromFLIGHT

    3) Sequel BUS TRIP is about a driver who shoots heroin while on a rainy canyon road, crashes, saves all but 6 riders. #ThingsILearnedFromFLIGHT

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