Episode 56: “Little Studio Films vs. Breakin’ In! – UPDATES”

Hey everyone!

A lot of people have been asking us what’s been going on with our “war” with Little Studio Films. Well here’s the updates. The most interesting thing is how many people have come forward with more stories about LSF. None of which have been good.

Our song this week? Public Enemy’s classic hit, “Fight the Power.”

Let’s not waste any more time… I know you want to know what’s been going on with this… let’s get to it!

till next week…

5 thoughts on “Episode 56: “Little Studio Films vs. Breakin’ In! – UPDATES””


    I had no idea it could get to that level! On the positive side, it makes me feel not quite so bad for having gotten taken for four hundred bucks eons ago with my very first screenplay. (“We love your screenplay, but it needs some work. Here’s the contact info of the consultant we recommend…”)

    The critique was extremely harsh without giving me any idea how to rewrite it. Worst of all I felt so stupid for having gotten my hopes up so high by an “agent” who I realized was probably getting a chunk of that $400. (But I don’t know that for sure, so I’m not naming names.)

    Fortunately I eventually wrote another screenplay, which was a contest finalist, and that allowed me to put that first experience out of my mind. (Until all this LSF stuff brought it up again!)

    Alas, a friend I had immediately told about how much the “agent” liked my screenplay had also just completed his first screenplay, and therefore of course he immediately sent it to the “agent” — and was told EXACTLY what I was told.

    And, alas, like me he was so caught up in it that he sent the consultant a copy of his screenplay and $400 before waiting to see what kind of critique I got.

    The critique of his screenplay was even harsher than mine. He couldn’t believe it.

    And to this day he has never completed another screenplay.

    1. P.S. Thanks for the advice regarding not wasting time on short films unless you want to be a director. I’ve been wondering about that since I’ve written a number of very short plays over the years.

      1. OFF-TOPIC: Where are people posting “Under the Dome” “pink stars” theories? (The web site I [and many others] used for “LOST” no longer allows comments without registration, amongst other things.)

        Or are people not bothering to guess, assuming that everything is the same as the book (which I haven’t read, and in any case I thought I heard the TV series was not following it too closely anyway).

        My theory (possible spoiler alert) regarding the “pink stars are falling” is that the whole dome is going (in the season finale) to be transported to a planet in another solar system (a la one of the episodes of the old Outer Limits and/or Twilight Zone), and travel at high speeds (near the speed of light) will cause the receeding stars to appear redder than normal (like a receeding train horn sounds lower than an approaching or stationary one), and at high enough speed the stars would (in theory) even appear to be lines.

        Of course, I suppose it could just turn out to be a nasty meteor shower or something. But if they’re looking for a big season finale, even bigger than the LOST island disappearing, you can’t get much better than having the whole town transported off the planet to another world!

  2. After I won a contest and placed well with another script, I started hearing from them. Same story– they liked my script but felt it needed work to get to the next level… and they wanted money to get it there. I told her thanks, I’m interested in representation and feedback but had been advised never to pay. She was weird and rather abusive in response.

  3. listening to your comments and listening to you two on this subject of Lsf . you BOTH sounded like your VAGINAS are hurting !!!!! you both sounded completely Fucking stupid ……… sincerely

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