Episode 55: “Breakin’ In with Steve Barnett! – Part 2”

Hey everyone…here it is…part 2 of our interview with Steve Barnett.

His story picks up with 300 and continues on to the present. If you haven’t listened to part 1, please go back and start there.

Let’s get to it!

Till next week…

2 thoughts on “Episode 55: “Breakin’ In with Steve Barnett! – Part 2””

  1. Awesome show guys. Your conversation with Steve regarding the WWE movies was very interesting to me since I did background work on some of them while living in Louisiana. Steve touched on several great topics. I would like to better understand the process of how a movie gets chosen to be shown in 3,000 studios verses limited release. Is it typically the top brass at the 3 major theater companies that nix a film going wide or is it the distribution heads who decide not to push it and go straight to the DVD market?

  2. “TESTIFY!”

    I couldn’t see how part two could possibly be as good as part one, but it sure was!

    And I’m glad that (near the end) you had him go into more detail regarding how he communicates with the writer’s agent regarding whether he or someone else is going to present the script to “the territory” [!] (depending in part on how strong his relationship is with the studio that is best for the particular script). Fascinating!

    And earlier on when he was emphasizing to you all just how much crazy stuff has happened that he can’t talk about, in my mind’s ear I suddenly heard him paraphrasing one of Ernie Hudson’s great lines from “Ghostbusters”: “Since I’ve been in this business, I’ve seen shit that would turn you white!”

    “RIP REEL”

    Hey, if there’s a movie called “Final Girl” can a thriller with that title be far behind?!

    Possible Logline: “Several of the best makers of “RIP REELS” (demo trailers made with shots ripped from existing movies) are lured into an editing room from which there is no escape and told (on video) by their disguised captor to make a RIP [Rest In Peace!] REEL documenting their life.

    The person whose life looks the most interesting will win a Cadillac; the second most interesting a set of steak knives. And everyone else will be brutally killed as punishment for having led such a boring life!

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