Episode 53: “Little Studio Films vs. Breakin’ In!”

This week we go to war over what’s ethical and what’s not. An LA Times article came out on Thursday condemning a small company called Little Studio Films. It just so happens that I knew one of the owners. Once I shared the article on FaceBook, the threats came a rollin’ in.

It started with co-owner Alexia Melocchi sending me this:

Manny you have no right to defame a fellow peer without facts our Attorney will be sending you a letter as also this is going to the editor and legal department with complete discredit of allegations which you are promoting as facts and the true story behind it which are subject to defamation and libel lawsuit. So before spreading slander get the facts. Shame on you .

It then continued with a letter from their attorney and several messages from her mother, other owner, Alexandra Alia Yacovlef.

It didn’t take much effort on our part to dig up some info…

So it’s with great pleasure that I share with you some things that we’ve found out.

Here’s a couple of links:




If Little Studio films wants to take us on as well as the LA times, we say bring it on…

Till next week…


2 thoughts on “Episode 53: “Little Studio Films vs. Breakin’ In!””

  1. Alexandra Yacovlef has filed Bankruptcy Chapter 7 twice. Alexandra Yacovlef and Alexia Melocchi both filed bankruptcy dba Little Studio Films in 2005. See Central District of California 2:05-bk-16283-TA YACOVLEF and 2:05-bk-16280-TA MELOCCHI. There is a former bankruptcy for Yacovlef in the early 1990’s.

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