Episode 52: “A Little Bit of Validation and The Emmys…”

It’s our one year anniversary and the one thing we don’t have is… fanfare.

We continue our talk about Orange is the New Black and  the Netflix scene which of course leads into a chat about the Emmy nominations. Lastly, MAYBE we talk about The Conjuring, MAYBE we don’t. You’ll have to listen to find out. (Spoiler Alert: We do)

Our song of the week is “Anniversary” by Tony, Tone, Toni.

Why? Cause it’s one year!

Now… Lets go to the show!

till next week…

One thought on “Episode 52: “A Little Bit of Validation and The Emmys…””


    I’m glad that Netflix is getting so much Emmy love for “House of Cards”, since (as I mentioned some time ago) I engulfed all thirteen episodes within two weeks and would rate the series (so far) pretty close to four stars.

    Regarding “Orange is the New Black”, however, I found the second episode so unbelievable that I put watching the remaining eleven episodes on my “todo someday” list. So I’m actually kind of glad to hear that Netflix viewers have only given it two and a half stars. That seems about right to me; a step or step and a half down from “House of Cards” (and LOST).

    Not that I didn’t enjoy all the sapphic scenes in the first episode, especially the woman from American Pie pleasuring the completely nude woman (as she fondled her own bountiful assets).

    But I found the storyline of the second episode harder to swallow than, well, a lightly toasted used tampon. I mean, we’re supposed to believe that the head cafeteria worker inmate has so much power that everyone, including the warden, is powerless to keep her from starving a woman to death?

    Now maybe she could have gotten away from it for one meal or two, but where is the lawyer for our main character? I would think some kind of legal threat or court order on her behalf would intimidate the warden far more than some inmate. (I doubt if in reality any inmate has that much control over the food quality and preparation to begin with, much less such loyal, intimidated minions.)

    Furthermore, in both episodes I had problems with the scenes involving the husband. They just didn’t ring true for some reason. Perhaps the way the actor (also from American Pie) was reading/interpreting the lines wasn’t the way the writer intended them to be read (but either the writer wasn’t on-set or was powerless to say anything).

    And, more generally, I just don’t think flashbacks work as well in a light-drama show like this as they do in a heavy-drama show like LOST.

    Of course, so much is subjective. To each his/her own. (And odds are I’ll watch the remaining episodes at some point.)

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