Episode 49: “Battle for Control of the White House!”

This week, we sit down with our very dear friends (and my roommates) Collin and Beth Turner to discuss, compare and rip apart the two “Die Hard in the White House” movies.

If you haven’t seen Olympus Has Fallen or White House Down and want to?



You have been warned.

That being said… neither film is an exercise in higher thinking, so I’ll repeat myself from the show here: The good guys win, they save the president, shit gets fucked up along the way.

Damn. Were you hoping for each to take a social-political stance on the plight of how the economy fluctuates due to the current foreign policies of the administration?

Well, get over it. These are simply about blowing shit up.

There WILL be a discussion on both scripts as we read them before we watched them. (Keep in mind haters, White House Down sold for 3.5 MILLION dollars… so fuck you and your film snobby righteousness.)

The song this week? Neil Diamond’s “America.” Do you love that? See what we did? Took a song about immigration and made it about… well, you can figure it out 😉

Enough chit chat! To the show!

Till next week…

One thought on “Episode 49: “Battle for Control of the White House!””

  1. Great discussion! It accomplished exactly what I wanted — finding out exactly how ridiculous both of these movies are (and what the main differences between them are) — in a MUCH more fun way than actually having to watch them!!!

    (Believe me my body language, facial expressions, and language would have been even more extreme than Collin’s!)

    I especially appreciated Manny’s comments on how they differed from the original scripts, and Collin’s observation that it is hardly a surprise when someone like James Woods turns out to be a villain!

    Most of all, though, I am so proud of Cheryl for her comments (which I completely agree with) around the 45 minute mark! Don’t give up Cheryl! What people like Manny forget is that the establishment makes it almost impossible for a true independent to get elected. This is the fundamental problem, not the fact that (admittedly) so many people are idiots. (And even that is largely because they’ve been brainwashed since they were five years old in schools that are owned and operated by the Establishment Party.)

    So even if it is true that two-thirds of the people out there are idiots (a more realistic figure than 99%), since they are so closely divided between the two halves (reps and dems) of the Establishment Party they basically just cancel each other out… meaning that a true independent candidates only has to get 34% of the vote to win.

    So keep spreading the word and don’t let the “snobby righteousness” of the “haters” get you down!

    In closing, let me say that I’m looking forward to hearing your comments on “The Purge”, and why the fact that it was written by a man is relevant. (By the way, I agree with Collin about “the best part”!)

    Safe night!

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