Episode 48: “Breakin’ In with Shaun Joyce!”

A very special episode where we sit down with one of my oldest friends. Shaun Joyce. Although we do talk movies and about the industry, we do take a pretty large departure from talking about writing and breaking in.

You have been warned! 🙂

Enough of the chit chat! Off to the show!

Till next week…

One thought on “Episode 48: “Breakin’ In with Shaun Joyce!””

  1. As one whose youthful interest in early video games came to a sudden and unusual end in the early 80’s (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Advanced_Dungeons_%26_Dragons:_Treasure_of_Tarmin#Situations [“Publication history”]), I almost stopped listing to this week’s podcast early on… but I’m so glad I didn’t!!!

    Not only because it was so enjoyable to witness two life-long friends visiting, but because about midway through Shaun said some very profound things regarding the media and politics that few people seem to understand. And precisely why it is that most of my plays and screenplays are “political” in some way. (Which makes them harder to get produced, but I believe ultimately much more worth while.)

    I suspect the key for Shaun (despite his interest in movies such as Blood Sport that I’ve never even heard of) will be to focus on producing (and/or directing and/or writing) political movies. (Don’t worry Shaun… like Mannequin they can also have a romantic streak.)

    (Manny: I have a short ten-minute screenplay, based on a ten-minute play I had produced at a small theater in Chicago, that I’d be happy to email the PDF of to him if he thinks he might be interested.)

    In closing, I’m also glad to hear Shaun say that being in Chicago is probably better than being in the OC! (I’ve always thought, and hoped, so.)

    P.S. Cheryl: I was also a big fan of Xena. Even went to a convention once and met some of the actors.

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