Episode 47: “Updates, Networking Tips and How Hollywood Ruined Hard Working Crack Whores…”

Hey Everyone!

This week Cheryl and I sit down and chat about some of the things going on and the fact that no one knows how to be “normal” at events. Also, we chat about Pretty Woman and how drastic a script can change from First Draft to Screen.

Song this week? Um, Duh. It’s “Oh, Pretty Woman.” You didn’t think we were gonna start getting original on you, were you?

If you missed it, we did record our first edition of Tearin’ it Up! with Manny and Cheryl. Head here to check it out. You can also find the original script for Pretty Woman called $3,000 there. Trust me, you don’t want to miss out on this gem. It’s worth it.

Okay, enough promotion… lets get to the show!

till next week…

One thought on “Episode 47: “Updates, Networking Tips and How Hollywood Ruined Hard Working Crack Whores…””

  1. “Bad 3-D”!! Love it!!

    Wow! After hearing about all the odd characters at the meetup I’m actually starting to feel more confident that I’m a normal person who might actually be able handle an encounter (or meeting) with an industry exec.

    Though I must admit that some of your tips, such as making a graceful exit and then checking back in an hour IF he/she is free (and observing what he/she is drinking before asking if you can him/her a drink), were very helpful even to me. (However I prefer to chalk that up to inexperience rather than abnormality.)

    Thank you so much for “taking the bullet” for us by actually reading “$3000” and giving us enough details about it so that we don’t have to destroy much-needed brain cells by reading it.

    For some reason (I guess being predisposed to being on the writer’s side, not the establishment’s) I had assumed it was well written. So at least now, as bad as PM is (especially from a philosophical point of view), I no longer have to think that the producer and director abandoned a good script in order to make it.

    But to think that somewhere I’ve seen a book or seminar by this writer promoted USING THE FACT THAT HE WROTE PM! (I guess there is a lesson there… never assume a writer is worth spending money listening too SOLELY because of a movie with his/her name on it was a big hit.)

    Okay, once more into the breach — going to go listen to your commentary of PM! (Trust me, I’ll be cutting it down right along with you all.) (I’ll pretend that you can hear me.)

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