Episode 45: “Beer Pong, Chastity Bites and TV Shows We Didn’t Write (but wish we had)…”

Another week, another episode of Breakin’ In!

This week we talk about all the stuff we’re doing as well as some things you should be doing. At the end of the show we chat about the Writers Guild’s new list of 101 greatest written shows of all time. To sort of follow along with us and check it out yourself, head here.

We talk about it on the show, but also want to say it here. Big congrats to John and Lotti Knowles with their success of their film Chastity Bites. Please like them on FaceBook and follow them. You’re not going to want to miss this one. Here’s their FaceBook page.

Enough of the chit chat… on to the show!

Till next week…

One thought on “Episode 45: “Beer Pong, Chastity Bites and TV Shows We Didn’t Write (but wish we had)…””

  1. The other day I saw again (thanks to WGN) one of my favorite 30 Rock episodes, featuring the Kabletown CEO (Hank Hooper). But until now (I just typed “30 Rock Kabletown” into google) I hadn’t realized he was played by Ken “The White Shadow” Howard. Blows my mind.

    Also blowing my mind are some of the WGA choices (and omissions)! (Illustrating once again the danger of group think.) Though to be fair I agree with many of the choices, from Seinfeld & Dick Van Dyke to LOST. (But, for example, based on what little I watched of it, “Sopranos” shouldn’t even be on the list at all, much less in the top position.)

    Thanks for the vivid reminder regarding how easy it is to miss major errors in one’s screenplay (because you know what you MEANT to write), and the solution: read it aloud (preferably to another person)!

    (Speaking of independent cinema [Chastity Bites], I’m late on listening to the podcast this week in part because I got to go to the Chicago premiere of “The Kings of Summer” Tuesday. I highly recommend it: http://www.gofobo.com/movie/the_kings_of_summer_2013/movie_review/14353561)

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