Episode 44: “It’s the Holiday Weekend, We’re Phoning it in!”

We totally opted to hang out with friends and grill for the holiday.  Not even doing a song this week!  Hey!  We deserve a break too 😉

Pitch season is around the corner so here’s a checklist of what not to do.

Hope everyone had a great holiday weekend and we’ll do better next time.

Till next week…

2 thoughts on “Episode 44: “It’s the Holiday Weekend, We’re Phoning it in!””


    Thanks for not leaving us hangin’… we the weekly fix. And you packed a lot of good advice in fifteen minutes!

    Glad for your sake you don’t have to listen to a zillion pitchfests this weekend… but slightly sad about not having some good eff-tard (or other) stories to listen to next week. (But, as you said, Inktip and Story Expo aren’t too far away.)

    Regarding “$3000”, I’ve heard the original screenplay was MUCH darker and realistic — but of course once Garry Marshall (master of the sit-com) came along all that went out the window (and they tacked on the happy ending). Interested to hear your take on the original script (or the portions you read).

    Okay, back to it. As Manny (and Baldwin’s Glengarry character) (sort of) said:


    1. Sorry about all the typos. My mind and fingers sometimes get out of synch (which is why I usually proof-read before posting).

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