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Special Edition 4: Tearin’ it Up! with Manny and Cheryl – Out for Justice

This time we sit down with Manager Sammy Montana to tear up classic Steve Seagal.

So fire up the movie, sit back and join us as we tell you why movies from the 90’s CAN’T be remade.


Special Edition 3: “Tearin’ it Up with Manny and Cheryl! – Bloodsport”

Another Special Edition of Tearin’ it Up! This time, my long time friend Shaun, sits down and helps Tear Up a classic… Bloodsport! Yes, THAT Bloodsport. With the ever enduring Jean-Claude Van Damme.

It’s great times so let’s just get to it!



Special Edition 2: “Tearin’ it Up with Manny and Cheryl! – Pretty Woman”

Long overdue, Cheryl and I finally sit down and rip apart Pretty Woman. Right before we recorded I sped read the original script and have to tell you… wow. What a different movie it would have been.

It’s so crazy that I have to repost it. So download the script here: $3,000 and then fire up the show and watch Pretty Woman while we yack in your ears. It’ll plenty of fun good times.

Alright… here we go… everything Pretty Woman!