Episode 80: “Event Planning and Keeping the Chain Going…”

Welcome to another episode of Breakin’ In!

This week Cheryl takes the reigns and chats about her latest project. The in’s and out’s of event planning, more specifically concert promotion!

She can really use your help out there. It’s a charity event to benefit college students and if you could just lend your support by liking the event’s Facebook page, it would go a long way. Here’s the link: https://www.facebook.com/celebritybenefitshowcase

as for me, I’m in full writing mode and we chat about how hard that is to keep going. Now…

On to the show! Put some cheese on that cracker!


One thought on “Episode 80: “Event Planning and Keeping the Chain Going…””

  1. “And if we both get out of control then it’s on Ally.”

    You two sure managed to fit a lot of good stuff into thirty minutes! Quick thoughts (in addition to the aforementioned favorite quote of the week!):

    1) Even though I don’t live in the area I can hardly wait for the concert event (and before that, the video) as I’m looking forward to hearing all about the drama and backstage shenanigans!

    2) I think half a page to earn an X is spot on (so to speak), not only because if you do that much you’re likely (as you said) to do more, but because even if you don’t your subconscious (and probably even conscious) will.

    3) I’m also very interested to hear if Steve likes the screenplay you recommended (and if he has similar issues with it to the ones you have).

    Can’t say I’m much interested in the Oscars (as usual what I think should and should NOT have been nominated doesn’t match too closely with what was). I’m especially annoyed that Redford wasn’t nominated. I mean, the whole movie relied on following the story from his expressions!

    (I especially liked it when he figured out a way, even under those circumstances, of distilling a little water every day to make it drinkable. In fact, I was so into it I actually thought a fraction of a second ahead of time “hey, wait, don’t you need to weight the center a bit above the cup” right before he did!)

    Anyway, I’m looking forward to all of your updates (and any clever oscar observations) next time.

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