Episode 67: “Characters, Pacing and Setups & Payoffs…”

Welcome to another episode of Breakin’ In!

This week, Cheryl and I are joined by Alex and we chat about Chastity Bites, the snooze-a-thon that is the current season of The Walking Dead and we couldn’t help it… Little Studio Films pops up again.

But enough of that… let’s get to the show…

Put some cheese on that cracker!

One thought on “Episode 67: “Characters, Pacing and Setups & Payoffs…””

  1. LMFAO at your new sign-off slogan! Though in part (alas) because I immediately pictured/heard (in my mind) some Hollywood exec saying it right after he gave some gifted but intimidated writer a note that he knows is bad (just so he can tell people that he wrote that part):
    The door practically hits the frustrated writers butt on the way out, leaving the Exec alone in his opulent office.

    (chucking to himself)
    I sure put my cheese on that cracker!
    Well, hopefully it’s just me (and my perverse brain)!

    Anyway, even though I’ve never seen “Walking Dead” (and I haven’t seen “Chastity Bites” quite yet) I thought the discussions regarding characters they inspired was great, and I could relate to so much of it.

    For instance, I discovered early on with my current screenplay that (as you all said) no matter how great the external threat is, you still have to have internal conflict. And the result is turning out much richer than I originally ever expected. (At the cost of taking a lot more time to write, but that’s a good trade off considering, like you said last time, the screenplay has to be great, not just good, to interest anybody.)

    And I found Manny’s comment about characters having to work together because they work so well together, even though they wish they could work as well with somebody else they liked better, very insightful and something I hadn’t thought about before (but will inform my writing from now on I’m sure).

    And thank you Alex for interjecting that it is okay to have one “one percent” character that is frustrated with [just about] everyone else. In a way that sums up the screenplay I’m working on!

    And thanks for “the weekly tip” regarding being sure when you do a call back that the original call wasn’t so long ago that the reader has completely “forgotten the number”!

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