Episode 65: “Breakin’ In with Jeffrey Reddick!”

Welcome to another episode of Breakin’ In!

This week we had the awesome pleasure of sitting down with Final Destination creator, Jeffrey Reddick. Jeffrey’s breaking in story is somewhat legendary in Hollywood and we promise you, you won’t be disappointed. We chat about the Final Destination series, nerd out over horror, talk about his other films (Tamara and Day of the Dead) and just have an overall fascinating conversation.

But enough about that… let’s just get to the show!

till next week…


One thought on “Episode 65: “Breakin’ In with Jeffrey Reddick!””


    The well where I drew water.

    Great discussion! I enjoyed every second. Not only the stories most related to “breaking in” but also the childhood memories, including the reference to onion typewriter paper. (If I remember correctly the point was that it was erasable… but it often didn’t seem worth it!)

    And I appreciate someone of Jeffrey’s accomplishments validating and re-iterating the basic truths, such as that Hollywood is full of ideas (but if you want credit and pay you actually have to write screenplays!), that it’s probably going to take ten years just to get to the point of being able to make a living (not just a year or two!), and that we have to be open to criticism and constantly trying to improve our skills.

    Most of all I appreciate him emphasizing (especially for those of us who have relatives and friends who just don’t understand) that we have a calling in life, that we have to do what we were destined to do no matter how much we have to sacrifice… and to remember that, no matter how many “NO”s we get, it only takes one “YES”.

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