Episode 60: “Breakin’ In with John Conroy!”

Welcome to another episode of Breakin’ In!

This week we sit down with a man of many hats… John Conroy. He’s in PR, a performer, an improv coach, a director, a producer and a writer. If there’s one thing you can take away from John is that there are many things you can do to survive in this industry and you shouldn’t close the door to any of them.

As we always say… there are a million ways in to the industry…

But enough about that, on to the show!

till next week…

One thought on “Episode 60: “Breakin’ In with John Conroy!””

  1. “His Girl Friday”, “Double Indemnity”, “Blazing Saddles”, “Monty Python”, “Fawlty Towers”, “Airplane”… ah yes, a man after my own heart!!

    (But not [as John might say in one of his darker bits] in a Syrian rebel kind of way!)

    I also love the brainstorming and polishing far better than the actual writing of the first draft. And I was also so glad to hear him say that he (like me) is trying to tell a bigger story, as social commentary is indeed sadly lacking in most films these days.

    Also loved the bit about the “Killer Cameo” (got it right away)! And how he had to stop reading the “Twilight” YA book after less than two pages as he could already feel brain cells dying.

    And (great Scott!) is that Alexandra Billings of Xena (stage version) fame that inspired and witnessed John’s great “12th Night” improv acting breakthrough?! (I didn’t even know she is no longer in Chicago.)

    (I’m both terrified and incompetent when it comes to improv, so I really admire those who can do it.)

    Most of all of course, thanks for explaining why the horse reacts so strongly every time Frau Blucher is mentioned!

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