Episode 50: “Sammy’s Back!”

This week we sit down with popular guest, Manager Sammy Montana. We talk about the most frequently asked questions by writers and get Sammy perspective on a lot of it. Sammy also gives some insight into who to listen to when getting feedback.

This week’s song is stupid. It’s Britney. Ya know…cause Sammy did it again? To quote Chef Gordon Ramsay…the choice “was really quite bland.”

Oh well…can’t all be winners. Enough of that though…let’s get to the show!

till next week…

2 thoughts on “Episode 50: “Sammy’s Back!””


    I wonder… could taking such a note literally be what caused “LadyHawke” to sell?!

    Seriously, great discussion! Was great to hear more from Sammy.

    (And I was especially glad to hear him give such a vivid example of how a writer is sometimes better off without a co-writer.)

    Happy 50th!

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