Episode 38: “Final Draft and the Modern Day Rom Com…”

Another week, another new episode of Breakin’ In!

This week we put an end to the argument over whether you need Final Draft or not.  Plus, we tackle the age old question:  What about the Rom Com!?  Okay, maybe it’s not age old…but dammit, people want to know!

This week’s song, which is a little on the nose due to the subject matter, is Ricky Martin and Christina Aguilera’s “Nobody Wants to be Lonely.”

But enough of that…I ain’t got time for that!  On to the show!

Till next week…

or download it here:

Episode 38

One thought on “Episode 38: “Final Draft and the Modern Day Rom Com…””

  1. VERY interesting Romantic Comedy discussion! I found your insights regarding how the genre has changed fascinating. (And I’ve always suspected Manny was a romantic at heart.)

    Bottom line: While I’m sad that “When Harry Met Sally”‘s (one of my all-time favorite movies) time has passed, I’m so GLAD that “Pretty Woman”‘s has!!! I thought I was the only one who hated that movie!!!

    (So maybe the positives of the new world we live in do outweigh the negatives after all.)

    I really like the idea of listening to a Manny/Cheryl commentary while watching a movie. (Of course, I ALWAYS listen to the DVD commentaries of movies I like so I may not be a typical listener.) But I can’t decide if I’d rather hear you laugh along with a mutually beloved movie such as “Clerks II”, or rip to shreds some movie that I really hated. Have to ponder that.

    Regarding Final Draft, I was kind of hoping you’d make those points, many of which I’ve also been telling my inner critic. Problem is the bastard doesn’t listen to me… but I figured he’d listen to you!

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