Episode 27: “Living Life, Observing and Colorful Characters…”

We’re back with another edition of Breakin’ In!

This week, we record from the fabulous heart of Hollywood where we discuss overwhelming personalities and colorful characters.  We also chit chat a little about the brunch meeting we had right before we recorded.

Our song this week, cause you know…I’m cheesy and lame…is a little disco (that’s right, I said it) classic “Hollywood Swinging” by Kool and the Gang.

If there’s anything you guys want us to specifically talk about, please drop us an email at breakinginthebiz@gmail.com and don’t forget to check out and “like” our FaceBook page (https://www.facebook.com/BreakinIn).

Till next week…

or download it here:

Episode 27

One thought on “Episode 27: “Living Life, Observing and Colorful Characters…””

  1. “Zen and the Art of Screenwriting Maintenance”

    Thanks for the reminder (with vivid examples) regarding the importance of patience… it came at a good time to keep me from doing something stupid.

    Also, great point about the importance of creating characters by observing (and living) life, not just making them variations of oneself!

    (And I’m glad to hear Ribby is feeling better!)

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