Episode 18: “Lies, Lies, Lies and Some Other Stuff…

What up Breakin’ In listeners!

Welcome to this week’s show.  This week, Cheryl and I go over some movie reviews, talk about the new Black List site and enjoy ripping apart this week’s Fucktard of the Week.

Just a short one for you listening pleasure so let’s get to it!


Till next week…

or download it here:

Episode 18

One thought on “Episode 18: “Lies, Lies, Lies and Some Other Stuff…”

  1. A PLETHORA of delights!

    (Including another great ‘tard of the week!)

    Thanks for the scoops and reviews of the various movies. (Though of course I’m sorry to hear that TLJ was told no BJ for you!)

    Most of all thanks for the heads up and recommendation regarding the black list (blcklist.com) — I hadn’t heard that it was allowing submissions!

    Although it appears (if I understand correctly) to be $25 PER MONTH to have a script listed, plus optional reader fees ($50 per) if you want to increase the odds (if a reader rates it highly) that industry pros will read it (and perhaps also rate it highly).

    Given this potentially substantial investment, I hope you will have time soon to more thoroughly investigate the site and give us an update on whether you still think (given the cost, and the number of scripts uploaded by then) if it is still worth it.

    In closing, let me just say that I hope you had plenty of “aspirin” on hand for CLOUD ATLAS!!!

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