Episode 8: “It’s like an episode of Moonlighting up in here!”

Hey Everyone!

Okay, you caught us, it’s really not like an episode of Moonlighting. We don’t solve any murders or dress in fabulous 80’s fashion.

But we do have chemistry and there are a couple of good quips. So we got that going for us. More importantly, we needed a title and we just so happened to be watching Moonlighting while writing this.

There ya go…that’s how the magic happens. A little insight to how we come up with our clever titles.

Next week, we’re sitting down with our dear friend Al Kumar. Expect it to be a laugh riot. It usually is when the three of us get together.

Hey, we might even chat about the business!

Off to the show…

Till next week…

or download it here:

Episode 8

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