Episode 3: “Podcast with a Vengeance”

Hey everyone! Another week another, podcast. This week’s show is all about fuckin’ up. So much so that I even tell you a story of how I fucked up!

We know!


As we said last week, we will be having a special guest next week, Sammy Montana of Anarchy Management! That show is being recorded tomorrow. If you have ANY questions about managers, what they do, how to get one, anything at all…please email us by tonight.


…and this is some high tech shit here, follow us on twitter (@breakininthebiz) as we will be taking live questions via twitter during the show. We’ll start announcing about an hour before we record so have that twitter feed up and going.

And that’s it for business… on to the show!

Till next week…

or download it here:

Episode 3

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