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Episode 5: “A Good Day to Podcast Hard”

Hey everyone!

So this week’s show brings us the very lovely AND very successful Debra Trevino!

And fuck…this chick has her shit together. We actually felt like slackers after talking to her. We wanted to cut the interview short and go get a second job!

As you will hear, this is only part one of our interview with Debra…see? Even her interview was working hard!

Enjoy her story… it’s AH-MAH-zing.

Yup. We did that.

Till next week…

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Episode 5


Episode 4: “Live Free and Podcast Hard”

Hey Everyone!

Welcome to another episode of the show. This week, we had TONS of shits and giggles with Sammy Montana, manager and CEO of Anarchy Entertainment.

And when we say tons, we mean TONS…we gabbed like school girls for an hour and a half…and went another hour after off mic! We think you’re going to find a lot of the shit Sammy says, VERY important. So… hope you pay attention.

Couple of things on the business side before you get to the show. Totally misspoke when introducing the song…it’s Motley Crue’s version of Anarchy in the U.K.  I totally said U.S….I know, I know…save the emails. Just make sure you go to iTunes and get it if you love it.

Next week, we may or may not have a guest, we’re trying to work that out. As always, follow us on twitter @breakininthebiz for all of the latest updates!

Now on to the good stuff!

Till next week…

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Episode 4

Episode 3: “Podcast with a Vengeance”

Hey everyone! Another week another, podcast. This week’s show is all about fuckin’ up. So much so that I even tell you a story of how I fucked up!

We know!


As we said last week, we will be having a special guest next week, Sammy Montana of Anarchy Management! That show is being recorded tomorrow. If you have ANY questions about managers, what they do, how to get one, anything at all…please email us by tonight.


…and this is some high tech shit here, follow us on twitter (@breakininthebiz) as we will be taking live questions via twitter during the show. We’ll start announcing about an hour before we record so have that twitter feed up and going.

And that’s it for business… on to the show!

Till next week…

or download it here:

Episode 3

Episode 2: “Podcast 2 – Podcast Harder”

‘Sup peeps…we’re back and this week we have a very special guest… newbie producer and Los Angelino: Cade Lawson!

You’ll get a chance to hear all about Cade’s story as well as his experiences at pitchfest and his interactions with crazy fucking writers.

Couple of business points first… couple of corrections… I totally refer to the episode as “column 102,” obviously I was wrong. Of course it’s episode 101, but the SECOND podcast. Fuck it, you know what I meant.

The other…mid story I totally said “pantomime” when I totally meant “pantheon.”

So there you have it…save the emails.

Also, on the 18th (fingers crossed) we are going to have another very special guest. Due to the recording schedule, we have to put it out there now. If there are ANY questions you have ALWAYS wanted to ask a manager. Send them to me BEFORE the 18th.

Also, we’re going to throw it out on twitter about an hour before we’re going to sit down and record. If you want to ask questions via the twitter, make sure you’re following us… @breakininthebiz We’ll take questions during the show.

Alright, that’s it…enjoy the show!

Till next week…

or download it here:

Episode 2

Episode 1: “It’s a Podcast!!”

Here we people!  Our maiden voyage into podcast land!

After 99 weeks of writing a column and 99 weeks of talking about doing it, we’re finally doing it.

On our first show, Cheryl and I chit chat about the news and dive into loglines of scripts that have gone out to the town.  And when we say dive in, we really mean make fun of.

On to the show…


or download it here:

Episode 1